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    Products & Solutions
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    Our Long Term Approach to Sustainability

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    We support scientists around the world in improving quality of life and protecting the environment, by creating pioneering techniques for advanced analytics. Our business works to improve energy and resource efficiency, eco-friendliness throughout the entire life cycle of products, noise and emission reduction, safety, security and dependability. And we have been doing this for more than 50 years.

    Our Products

    Innovation with integrity is our mission and we strive for that in everything we do.? Bruker fosters a creative and open environment to encourage innovation and technology advancement. ?Our goal is to create and support products that drive our customers’ success in life science, pharma and industrial molecular research.

    Our Sustainable Business Practices

    Bruker continues to work on reducing our environmental footprint including minimizing our liquid nitrogen and helium usage and finding more sustainable manufacturing processes.


    Our People

    Bruker’s greatest asset is our people. We continue to support our employees by offering programs in leadership training, development, diversity, and safety & wellness. We strive to cultivate an innovative and agile workplace fueled by collaboration, openness, and a drive to improve the quality of human life.

    Our Communities

    From educational programs for undergraduate and graduate labs to supporting governmental agencies, Bruker is committed to cultivating our communities by inspiring the next generation of scientists.?