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    Products & Solutions
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    Our products and solutions address the rapidly evolving needs of a diverse array of customers in life science research, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, applied markets, cell biology, clinical research, microbiology, in-vitro diagnostics, nanotechnology and materials science research.

    Life Science Research

    How Bruker’s unique analytical methods and technological systems drive innovation in the fast growing fields of life science such as genomics, proteomics and metabolomics

    Materials Science Research

    How Bruker’s innovative and reliable material science solutions support industries and organizations in delivering high-quality products and materials

    Detection & Environmental

    By detecting micro pollutants, particle traces and hazardous materials, Bruker supports forensics and environmental science through exceptional hardware and application expertise.

    Food Analysis & Agriculture

    Bruker’s solutions contribute to the optimization of food quality and food safety throughout the whole supply chain from field to fork.


    Bruker’s innovative and reliable industrial solutions support industries and organizations in delivering high-quality products and materials

    Microbiology & Diagnostics

    Fast and accurate identification of bacteria and microorganisms revolutionizes the way microbiology is performed today and in the future.
    Timelapse of mine stone quarry and machines carrying the ore

    Minerals, Mining & Petrochemical

    Analysis or comprehensive phase quantification of raw materials, mineral and rare earths as well as solutions for the analysis of fuel and energy sources help to increase productivity, optimize processes and improve end products.

    Pharma & Biopharma

    Bruker's core technologies and innovative instruments provide a powerful analytical platform at each critical point throughout the drug discovery, development and manufacturing pipeline.

    Semiconductor & Nanotech

    Bruker's leading metrology and analytical solutions and process control equipment aid semiconductor manufacturers in the development, production ramp, and process monitoring as technology nodes change.